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  • More progressneeded on socio economic rights and good governance by:Mesle A.

    Civil and political rights have always received more attention in national and international levels than socio-economic rights. It is fair to say that much more has been achieved in Ethiopia in the realm of civil and political rights in the last two decades. Many people freely exercise and enjoy the fundamental rights and freedoms recognized and protected in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian (FDRE) Constitution and ratified agreements, most of which are civil and political rights. The last two decades also saw an unprecedented progress in the socio-economic standard of the population. The improvement however is the result of the economic growth and the pro-poor policies of the government without greater exercise of socio-economic rights. .

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  • Dealing with urban poverty: The answer to Instability by: Mesle A.

    All reputed scholars and institutions recognize the double-digit GDP growth Ethiopia registered for more than a decade. This year’s drought, the worst in its history, has also demonstrated the resilience and sustainability of the economy.

    However, strong economic performance by itself is not enough, as economists and development researchers emphasize. Unless growth is not accompanied by growing equity across income groups, the developmental achievements will be undermined. That is the reason that focus must be on cultivating the productive capacity of citizens and building a conducive environment for industrious engagements.

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